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Crystal Levy Portillo



 Crystal Levy Portillo is a former member of the "all girl" 80's rock band, Cougrzz Rock.  She also lead sings with her group "Mojo". She brings a natural beauty and enthusiastic spirit, with an engaging and energetic personality, and a love of all things vintage. She is a full-time Human Resources professional but still finds time to squeeze in her love of entertaining.  

Jonnie Fox - Founder/Lead Singer



Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Jonnie began singing in the early 1970's at the age of 17, sitting in with various bands from the French Quarter to the bayous and was influenced by a variety of sounds from jazz, blues, and country - to pop, standards and soul.   

Jonnie has an easy and comfortable rapport with her audience, often engaging and inspiring them to enjoy the memories of the songs she covers by legends such as Bonnie tyler, Brenda Lee, Patsy Cline, Sam Cooke, Leslie Gore, Adele, Stevie Nicks, Rod Stewart, the Beatles, and most all of the "girl groups" of the 1950s and 1960's.

She has had the privilege of singing on stage with Martha and the Vandellas and Florence Henderson and has provided music and vocal entertainment for Congressman Bill Bilbray and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Jonnie's voice has been described as "sexy", "sultry", and "soulful". She is also the founder and Director of The Magnolia School of Etiquette and Protocol and lives in Rainbow, CA with her husband and son. 

Sandi Johnson Weidler


 Sandi has loved music for as long as she can remember. Her mother told her that at the age of two, all she wanted to hear was Elvis and Tom Jones, over and over, singing and dancing along to their songs. 

At the age of five, she would sing into her "hairbrush mic" to the sounds of The Carpenters...and still Elvis.  by eight years old, she started putting on "singing shows" with her brothers to entertain their parents and grandparents.  Just a few years later, as a pre-teen, Sandi would be organizing neighborhood "talent shows" with dancing, singing, and fun skits. 

Sandi began playing clarinet at eleven years old and while playing around on the piano, figured out the notes of a whole song by ear.  At sixteen years old, she moved to the Southern California area of Redlands and joined he Redlands High School Marching Band.  In her Senior year, the band went to Japan and played at several venues, including BudokanHall, performed a Half-Time show where they introduced "the Wave" to Japan, and made a commercial during their ten-day stay.

Between the ages of sixteen and nineteen, Sandi sang in her church choir and subsequently attended Crafton Hills College studying Music Theory and obtaining her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.  She also studied one semester of Vocie at San Bernadino Valley College. 

Sandi is an avid Motocross enthusiast and is often asked to sing the National Anthem at their sporting events.  Her day job is a Dental Hygienist in Orange County and she is the proud mother of six children - though you would never know it by looking at her!

Gina Faustino


 After her failed kindergarten dreams of becoming a "psychic-that-would-win-the-lottery-every-year" (because of all toys she could buy all her siblings & friends, and all the mansions she could build for the dogs without a home) in the 3rd grade, Gina decided, she wanted to become a drummer instead.  Pretty random.

Unfortunately, that plan was thwarted by her grandfather.  He insisted that she should be singing and he was very adamant about it.  Gina cried, she had absolutely no desire to sing and felt her world fall apart (the way a 3rd grader would).
The next year, in 4th grade, Gina's mother bought her clarinet.  Though she had no desire to learn or play it, she ended up sticking with it through high school and won several awards.

During those years, Gina's mother would tell her about the visions she had when she was pregnant with her.  She said she always saw her singing on a stage.  Ironically, in the next few years, Gina had found herself accidentally singing, and actually thought it was fun.  But, she would never admit it after crying about it;  she didn't want them to be "right."  (A childish reaction, yes, but she was a child she exclaims.)

Fast forward years later, the day before her grandfather got sick, and was unable to talk anymore, he took her aside as if he were to tell her a secret. He told Gina with such conviction, that she was going to one day be singing -  and traveling all around the world doing so.  It was so far-fetched, Gina's reaction was a sarcastic, "uhhhhh, suuuurrre...."

Today, Gina has sang on the stages described and been seen by her mother, and many more; and just as her grandfather described, she has traveled nationally and internationally, performing in more shows than she can count. (She can only count to 3, lol-kidding)

Because of her mother's story and her grandfather's story, she still keeps her "childhood-psychic-dream" alive, but she would like set the record straight on one thing:  
She is not short, she is fun size. =) 

Amy Glinskas


 Amy Glinskas has been active in the world of theater from a young age, having first appeared as a butterfly in her Kindergarten dance recital.  She studied dance and voice as a child through her teen years.  Her first professional theater experience came at the age of 17 performing with the San Diego Gilbert & Sullivan Company.  After attending the School for Creative and Performing Arts, she went on to receive her Bachelors of Music degree from CSU, Fullerton.  Since then, she has kept working part time in the musical field.  For the past 19 years she has sung with Mixed Company, a Christmas caroling group in OC and LA, taking over the Music Director position in 2014.  It was also at that time (2014) that she started teaching privately for voice and piano.  When not working or caroling, she also finds time to perform in various productions around Orange County at MTW, The Maverick Theater, and 3D Theatricals (where she won a Best Ensemble Ovation award for their production of Parade).  

John Burnham-Sound Mgr.



John Burnham is from Newport Beach and has been professionally involved in music since 1986. Performing in Orange County with bands and as a single, John also attended Golden West College as a student of Recording Engineering.

He opened his first studio during that time and has recorded hundreds of artists.

John continues to perform as a solo and as a duo with Jonnie Fox as well as Sound Engineer and Equipment Manager for Jonnie Fox and The Satinettes.